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Editor’s note: This is a sponsored review.  Products featured in sponsored reviews are tested and reviewed with the same process as non-sponsored reviews and are not guaranteed to be positive. 

If you are a professional web designer who is not the best coder (or just can’t code at all) — I have a new web service that may be perfect for you.  It’s called Webydo.  Webydo is a B2B web design platform that has been built on the premise that designers shouldn’t necessarily have to outsource the website coding to someone else.  In order to accomplish that, the company has built a fantastic web platform similar to ‘Photoshop’ but for designers to create, publish, and manage their websites without needing to know a lick of code.


While you will not be able to build the next Facebook on Webydo, you will be able to design a website that is perfect for all different kinds of businesses, ranging from eCommerce to a portfolio for a photographer.  Now, before you jump to the conclusion that Webydo is just another DIY website builder or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you should know that Webydo makes the entire canvas available to you, every single pixel can be modified to your liking, giving the designer complete creative freedom and allowing them to meet their clients design needs.


To begin building your site, you can use one of Webydo’s readymade designs, take one of the layout options and adjust it accordingly or let your creativity run wild and begin from a completely blank canvas. It’s also worth noting that all websites created on Webydo have W3C valid code.

Webydo offers designers the ability to work in what they call the Design Management System (DMS), in the DMS designers have complete control over the website design.  You can lay out the design, implement different widgets, text boxes, videos, images, shopping carts, and more. With Webydo it’s even easy to implement Google Analytics, Google Apps, and Google Webmaster Tools into the websites you are working on.


Another thing Webydo can help with is ensuring your websites look good on all devices.  A big website trend lately is something called “responsive design” — this means the website will resize appropriately to fit the screen of the device the user is using.  BestTechie is actually a responsive design site, go ahead, resize the browser window and see — I’ll wait. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, Webydo will allow designers to create a mobile and tablet version of their sites as well — and it does it automatically. But you know, sometimes automatically doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for. To ensure designers are happy and that the website looks its best on both the desktop and mobile, designers can change the scale of items, move features around, hide content, and change any aspect of the design for the mobile/tablet website.

In addition to the DMS, Webydo also offers a way for designers to create client logins to a Content Management System (CMS) so the client can easily update the content without messing up the design of the site. This is great because it means the designer can focus on providing a great web presence for their client all the time.  It also means the client will have the ability to make changes to their website whenever they want so it will consistently be up to date.


Designers who are interested in utilizing their own branding on Webydo can do that as well.  You can easily upload your own logo for the dashboard and login page. That’s sure to impress your clients.

What about getting paid? Webydo has you covered as well. You can easily send out invoices using the dashboard. I should note that Webydo does take a 5 percent fee for payment processing if you use their invoice service.

The last thing I think is worth mentioning is the fact that Webydo is very involved in the community.  They take user feedback very seriously and constantly looking to improve the product.  If you don’t see a feature you would like and want to suggest it or see what the company is working on implementing at Webydo I would encourage you to check out their Participate page.

Clearly, Webydo is doing something right; the service already has 40k professional designers using the product.

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