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Music can elevate any experience, whether you’re on a scenic drive or relaxing poolside. That said, it’s not worth bothering with a speaker system that is too heavy, bulky or at risk of death by splash — and forget about dealing with cords in your backyard or local public pool.

The best wireless speakers manage to find a balance between portability, weight, sound, durability and, of course, price. The team at SpecOut compiled a list of the top 25 waterproof portable speakers for the upcoming summer months.

Their methodology was simple. Every entry on the list had to be portable as intended for use, offer optional battery-power functionality, be water resistant and have a currently available price. We’ve ranked the list from lowest to highest Smart Rating, a SpecOut-calculated composite score that factors in expert ratings, features and connectivity, and sound quality.

#25. Skullcandy Air Raid

Smart Rating: 90.87
Price: $99

With a rugged, durable design, Skullcandy Air Raid weighs in at 1.8 pounds and has a rubberized shell. It boasts an impressive, 14-hour playback time.

#24. JBL Xtreme

Smart Rating: 90.99
Price: $228.09

Not only is this speaker’s 15-hour playback time 88 percent higher than the industry average, it features a battery capacity of 10,000mAh (milliampere-hour), which is an incredible 809 percent better than average. Its peak power is an amazing 40 watts.

#23. Panasonic SC-NT10D

Smart Rating: 91.00
Price: $38.95

Earning four out of five stars from PC Magazine, this model is tough, rugged and performs better than several models that are far more expensive. Its design is shock-, dust- and splash-proof.

#22. Riva Turbo X

Smart Rating: 91.10
Price: $299

Although it’s not cheap, the Riva Turbo X makes up for its big price tag with playback time alone. It can crank out your favorite tunes for an amazing 26 hours — 225 percent longer than the average speaker in its class.

#21. TDK TREK 360

Smart Rating: 91.48
Price: $299.99

While this speaker only has a playback time of six hours, it delivers powerful audio for its small size. Measuring at 7 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide, the TKD TREK 360 weighs in at 4.4 pounds.

#20. FreshETech Splash Shower Tunes

Smart Rating: 91.60
Price: $59.95

This Bluetooth-enabled speaker has a powerful battery life of 15 hours. At a featherweight 0.3 pounds, it is among the lightest speakers on the market.

#19. Minirig Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Smart Rating: 91.61
Price: $189.95

One of the longest-playing speakers money can buy, this unit has a battery life of 50 hours — five times the industry average. Reviewers praise its elegant simplicity and unrivaled sound quality.

#18. Braven BRV-HD

Smart Rating: 91.74
Price: $260.89

This model outpaces most when it comes to battery power. It boasts 8,800mAh — 700 percent better than the industry average. That’s good for an impressive 28 hours of battery life.

#17. Life n soul BM101

Smart Rating: 91.97
Price: $24.98

Inexpensive and ideal for the pool, this uniquely designed speaker has fantastic sound for its modest price and understated size.

#16. Fugoo Sport

Smart Rating: 92.19
Price: $148.99

The Sport boasts playback time that is 400 percent longer than the average speaker — a full 40 hours. It weighs in at just 1.1 pounds.

#15. TDK TREK Max A34

Smart Rating: 92.34
Price: $82

This bookshelf speaker is meant to go on a table, shelf or other flat surface. At 2.75 pounds, it’s one of the heavier speakers, but heavy often translates into excellent sound — which this model definitely provides.

#14. Boombotix Boombot Rex

Smart Rating: 92.56
Price: $45

This model is rugged, durable and attractive. Offering just eight hours of battery life, the Boombot Rex weighs just 0.39 pounds, among the lightest available.

#13. Fugoo Tough

Smart Rating: 92.98
Price: $148

The Fugoo Tough can play from any device that supports Bluetooth. Its impressive 40-hour battery life is 400 percent better than the average speaker.

#12. iHome iBN6

Smart Rating: 93.26
Price: $99.99

With a decent battery life of 14 hours, this portable speaker earned a full five-star rating from GadgetReview, which called it one of the best Bluetooth speakers available. It’s rugged, fairly heavy and plenty loud.

#11. TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

Smart Rating: 93.68
Price: $53.98

With good sound for both its size and price, this speaker’s sturdy, splash-proof design makes it good for both indoor and outdoor use. Among the drawbacks is a short six-hour battery life.

#10. Polk Audio Omni S2R

Smart Rating: 93.84
Price: $249.95

With both wired connectivity and Wi-Fi connection, this speaker can produce sound that isn’t possible with most Bluetooth units. Its strong 10-hour battery life is 25 percent longer than the average in its class.

#9. Ultimate Ears Roll

Smart Rating: 93.85
Price: $49.99

Small and stylish, the Ultimate Ears Roll puts out serious sound for its size. Not only does it have a unique look, but it isn’t afraid of the water.

#8. Archt Audio One

Smart Rating: 93.86
Price: $549

The Archt Audio One does its best to pack in enough features to justify its high price. Not only does it offer wired, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but it comes with AirPlay functionality as well.

#7. Pioneer A3 XW-SMA3-K

Smart Rating: 93.90
Price: $240

This highly rated model has easy configuration options. Its powerful sound comes with the drawback of heft — it weighs in at more than seven pounds.

#6. Fugoo Style

Smart Rating: 93.96
Price: $149.99

This unit’s 40-hour battery life is 400 percent longer than the average in its class. It also features sound quality and ruggedness that has reviewers raving.

#5. Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15

Smart Rating: 94.01
Price: $598.98

With an unmistakeable design and absolutely stunning audio, this unit goes a long way to justifying its high price. Its battery can go for an impressive 24 hours of playback time, and it has a peak power of 240 watts.

#4. Philips ShoqBox Mini BT2200

Smart Rating: 94.04
Price: $60

A dual-firing driver helps this unit reach high volumes without distortion. Light and portable, the ShoqBox lives up to its name by being exceptionally tough.

#3. ECOXGEAR EcoPebble

Smart Rating: 94.43
Price: $41.59

The EcoPebble’s sound is fine considering its modest price tag. If you’re looking to save some money, it weighs just 0.5 pounds, but offers a shorter battery life.

#2. Creative Muvo mini

Smart Rating: 94.7
Price: $46.91

With both Bluetooth and wired connectivity options, this unit offers 10 full hours of playback time and 2,200mAh.

#1. Denon Cocoon Portable

Smart Rating: 94.79
Price: $135

The Cocoon offers both Wi-Fi and AirPlay, but only lasts five hours without being recharged. The sound is solid, but it’s on the heavier side, weighing 7.2 pounds.

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