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I have to give credit to Mandy for finding this amazing little easter egg in Google Chrome for iOS while we were sitting on the subway (without any network access) on the way to my soccer game today. For whatever the reason, she randomly pressed on that little t-rex that appears in Chrome when you’re not connected to the internet and then the most awesome thing happened: it jumped!

Rexy, the jumping dinosaur in Google Chrome.
Rexy, the jumping dinosaur in Google Chrome.

At this point we both looked at each other and did a ¯\_(ö)_/¯, but then that same t-rex started running, straight into a cactus. “Game over,” the text read on her screen. “Do it again,” I said to her as she restarted the game — this time ready to tap the screen to jump over those pesky cacti. She was cruising. I had no idea a t-rex could jump so quickly, let alone that many times in a row.

Check out this video I recorded below to see the game in action.

So the next time you’re without internet access, open Google Chrome on your iOS device, try and load a website, and tap on that little t-rex. I’m not sure if this also works on Android, so if you’re an Android user and want to let me know — leave a comment!

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