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Society is constantly running on a hedonic treadmill, in which we are always on the hunt for the next best thing. Tinder is an example of an app that provides users with a plethora of dating options, making it nearly impossible for the user to be satisfied with that one special someone. Who knows if there is someone better out there for you? After all…there can always be better, right? 

Car owners also experience the struggle of commitment. The search for a new car can be challenging when there are so many options to choose from and the thought of ending up with a car that does not suit your specific needs can be daunting. That’s where Israeli startup ZECAR steps in to take control from the driver’s seat.

Just like you can find your perfect match on Tinder, ZECAR uses AI technology to match specific car-related inquiries with the car owners who are best suited to answer them based off of similar experiences and personal knowledge. This mobile app is changing the way users choose their new cars and address issues related to their vehicles. Instead of searching aimlessly on the internet to find car reviews and facts, ZECAR connects you with people in real time who can provide you with the answers to all of your questions. 

ZECAR is not just beneficial for individuals who are seeking a new car, but also for car owners who have questions about their vehicles. Let’s say an unfamiliar cautionary light pops up on your Audi A4 dashboard and your parents don’t answer their phone, ZECAR will connect you to an instant chat with a current or past Audi A4 car owner who will be able to answer your questions right away. 

Another cool feature on ZECAR is that every car owner has a personalized smart feed that filters out content based on their interests. The app matches the user’s feeds with relevant topics, car ratings, car reviews, and friends’ activities. 

The CEO of ZECAR, Omer Efrati explained his vision for the app, “There is no better source of car related information than the car owners themselves…ZECAR is the first online platform to allow connections between users that are tailored specifically to their needs from another user’s first-hand experiences. ZECAR is also a great opportunity for manufacturers to connect with clients on a deeper level and to really understand their needs.”

ZECAR can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play on any iOS or Android device.

ZECAR certainly sounds like a great solution for the everyday driver to access personalized automotive information. However, how can we ensure that the answers from the car owners we are matched with are credible and reliable? Additionally, with increased globalization in the age of google, it is easy to question if the incorporation of AI really necessary in order to connect car owners across the globe. Nonetheless, ZECAR gives people a chance to take control of the wheel to share their knowledge and ask questions; We should give ZECAR a chance, too.

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