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The joy of seeing a kid grow doesn’t eliminate the struggle behind it all. Often, parents have to balance between working to provide for their kids and monitoring their progress. Once you add things like having to attend school events and paying attention to your kid’s health, you realize that every parent needs some help at some point.

Luckily, technology is here to help. Nowadays, there is a diversity of apps all aimed at making the life of parents easier, from helping to track childhood progresses to providing answers to parenting questions.

Here are seven parenting apps that will make it easier for you:

Zift/Net Nanny

The idea of kids with cellphones has now become a norm, with most parents allowing their kids to carry them around to school or even use them before sleeping. The issue comes in when they use them for the wrong purposes or speak to people whom you would want them to talk to. Zift helps to set time allowances, identify your child’s location and location history, and set schedules for your kids.

You can also block certain apps on your kid’s phone. While the Android version allows you to block almost all apps, the iOS version has some restrictions on the number of apps you can block due to their strict policies.

Our Family Wizard

If you are a divorced parent or often have to work far apart from your spouse, this might be the app for you. The app was created by a divorced couple who found the challenges of sharing custody quite tough. It will provide you with a wide array of tools for sharing information, tracking parent time, managing expenses, and sharing the kid’s diary.

For both divorced parents and those who live apart, this app can be of great help when it comes to identifying the progress of your kids. It eliminates the issue of missing kid’s school activities or even miscommunication between the two of you. As for divorced parents, it also provides features for logging in communication information for divorce proceedings.

WebMD Baby

Having your kids be sick without knowing what is wrong can be quite frustrating. While some health issues might require just a little bit of first aid, others require a quick response. Lucky for you, the WebMD Baby app has you covered.

The app contains emergency symptom guides and relevant health news to keep you updated on what’s best for your kid’s health. It also provides tips for protecting your kids from common health diseases. For any parent who has a kid with sensitive health, this app can be an invaluable resource.


No one can truly teach you parenting, and trial and error are all a parent has most of the times. Simple things such as getting your kids to do their homework aren’t typically taught in a book. However, hearing how other parents managed to do such things can be quite helpful.

Winnie provides you with a virtual community of parents to help you with your parenting woes. You can get advice and tips on how to go through specific milestones. Additionally, the app can help you set up playdates, search for local family activities, and identify local schools. At the very least, the app proves to you that you aren’t alone in your parenting woes; so many parents have been through it all.

Best of Parenting

Some issues need to be dealt with care since they have a significant impact on how your kids grow. Best of Parenting is an app designed to act as a guide to modern-day parents. It contains 500 invaluable tips on what your kids need in their lives.

Most of these tips offer tricks on dealing with everyday parenting frustrations such as having kids scream at you or how to handle puberty mood swings. Also, it offers weekly parenting tips and throws motivational quotes your way to keep you inspired.

Peekaboo Moments

Videos and photos can all be of sentimental value when it comes to providing evidence about the progress that your kids have made. Peekaboo simply helps you retain such content for future reference. You can also include an emotional future letter or use an audio diary for your kids to access later on.

It also allows you to track milestones in your kid’s life and share them with friends and family members. As for the health of your kid, it allows you to compare their growth with the WHO standards.

Baby Sleep Sounds

Getting your baby to sleep is typically a struggle, let alone making them stay asleep. The Baby Sleep Sounds app allows you to play calming sounds to help lull your toddler to sleep (even if your baby snores). You can select a number of sounds and create a mix for the perfect sleeping atmosphere.

Ideally, you have around 80 high-quality ambient sounds to pick from, giving you enough audio to go by. You can set the duration for the sounds on their timer and even adjust the volume.

As long as you own a smartphone, parenting doesn’t have to feel frustrating at times. Scheduling family activities, keeping track of kid’s health, and putting them to sleep should be quite easy. Use the above parenting apps to balance off working and taking care of your kids.

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