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Search engines have become a necessity. No longer do we need to suffer in ignorance about important issues in our time, like who that guy is in that thing we’re watching, or the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine. But using engines like Google and Bing come with a cost: they track your online activity, storing your data for who-knows-what. That’s why DuckDuckGo is an interesting alternative, since the site promises to never track you when you’re searching. Now DuckDuckGo has teamed up with recipe database Yummly to make its site even more appetizing.

Starting today, searching ingredients or recipes in DuckDuckGo provides instant recipes on Yummly, giving users easy, convenient access to meal options.

Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO and founder, had this to say about the partnership:

“By working with Yummly we are delivering the most useful and visually stunning recipe search experience out there. Yummly’s technology understands recipe search queries and we’ve worked together to create a great recipe instant answers experience.”

Yummly is a pretty great site for those of us who like to cook, but don’t want to bother with shelves full of cookbooks. It’s great because you can simply type in the ingredients you need to use, and the site will spit several possible recipes right back out at you culled from various sources around the web. By partnering with DuckDuckGo, now Yummly’s even more convenient than before. This team-up provides the best argument yet about whether or not to switch from Google.

Said Brian Witlin, Chief Operating Officer at Yummly:

“We’ve been thrilled with our partnership with DuckDuckGo. They have continued to improve their user experience around recipe search, shown most recently with its new redesign. It is clear that the Yummly search functionality is an integral part of their food vertical specific endeavors and they have quickly become one of our most active partners.”

Check it out for yourself…and don’t be surprised to find yourself using it more and more often when dinner time rolls around.

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