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YouTube just launched a brand new feature on its website called Trends Map.  And it’s pretty cool.  With the YouTube Trends Map, you can see today’s most popular videos in major markets across the U.S.  The Trends Map lets you dive into the data by age group, gender, and whether a video is popular due to the number of views or because it’s being shared a lot.

I decided to check out what’s trending for people my age (18-24) by shares and it turns out, the trailer for the new season of True Blood is number one.  Go figure.  Of course, the True Blood trailer is followed by a Family Guy clip and a “Bad Lip Reading” of The Walking Dead.  Looks like I’m missing out on a lot of good stuff.  Nonetheless, it’s cool to see what people are watching across the country and it differs by region.

The Trends Map is currently U.S. only but it sounds like they are planning future updates to support other countries.  Anyway, it’s definitely worth checking out.  What do you think of the new YouTube Trends Map?

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