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Google announced yesterday on its Google Drive Google+ page (yes, that’s a lot of Google in one sentence) that it’ll be rolling out a new “Share” feature in Drive over the next few days.

drive-share-boxHere’s the gist of how the feature works. If you’re in the local Google Drive folder on your Mac or PC, you can right-click a file or folder and then hover over the “Google Drive” sub-menu. From there, click “Share” and I presume that you are given a screen that allows you to edit sharing options for that particular file or folder.

I say “presume” because, to the right, you’ll see what I currently have access to when I try to use the feature. It’s likely a small glitch related to the roll-out of the new feature, so I’ll have to try again later and see if anything has changed.

The addition of this share feature for Google Drive blurs the line a bit more between local storage and cloud storage by enabling users to share files and folders much like they would over a network. Of course, these files have to be stored on Google Drive, and sharing is done through Google accounts instead of over a LAN, but the user won’t have to open a website to make it happen.

When you take that into account, and also factor in Google’s sudden interest in building HTML-based apps that can work just fine without an Internet connection, you start to see Google backing off if its Internet-only, browser-based future a little bit. Perhaps there is a place for the traditional desktop experience in the company’s plans, after all.

What do you think of this new feature — is it something you’ll use on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments.


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