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Since Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo’s CEO last year, she’s made a number of high-profile moves and acquisitions that have put the company in headlines. And unlike so many news stories surrounding big name corporations these days, the majority of the headlines she’s garnered have been positive. And it seems as though her moves are actually paying off: market research firm comScore reported yesterday that Yahoo actually edged out her former corporate home of Google in traffic for the month of July. Apparently, this marks the first time Yahoo’s taken the number one spot since May 2011.

The news comes by way of a USA Today article, which reports that Yahoo managed to attract 196.6 million unique visitors in July, while Google pulled in a paltry (haha, just kidding) 192.3 million. The article also notes that the traffic results don’t account for search or mobile on Google—in those arena, it probably goes without saying that Google is king. But, it’s important to point out, nor do the results account for visits to Tumblr, which Yahoo acquired back in May, arguably the first big time move Mayer made that got people to stop doomsaying and start paying attention.

And Google’s mobile dominance may not be a given forever, either. It’s becoming increasingly clear with each passing week that Yahoo is making a bee-line for those arenas as well. Let’s not forget that only last month Yahoo purchased the mobile advertising company, Admovate. Add in this month’s acquisition of the mobile-focused social browser Rockmelt, and the picture becomes pretty clear: Yahoo is gunning for Google’s presence in your pocket.

In all, while this isn’t game over for Google by a longshot, this July win does seem to add to the mounting pile of evidence that Yahoo is far from finished. In fact, if Mayer continues to acquire the right talent and tech, there’s really no telling just how far her company could go.

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