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There is a lot of noise when it comes to ‘the best of’ lists for businesses and technology. Which computer should you invest in? Android or Apple? Is this software worth my time? It can become overwhelming, especially when you need to find a solution to a business problem. All you can do is research and find trials to see if it is a platform or software that is useful to your business and your employees.

Here is the best software for your business to invest in for 2020.

For Productivity

Keeping your employees productive is no easy feat, and having new, better software isn’t the only answer. Of course, you will need to value your employees and show that you care and are willing to invest time and money into them – software that makes their job a little easier is one way to do this.

Evernote is a great tool. It is a note-taking app that syncs across multiple devices, meaning you can store important notes in one place without having to worry about keeping them safe. You can have Evernote available for teams who need to communicate and create to-do lists as well as appointments regularly.

Trello is another great piece of software. Breaking down tasks and having them easily accessible for all members in a team can improve productivity as everyone knows what to work on and the jobs that they are assigned. New tasks can be uploaded, deadlines completed, and tasks assigned.

For Communications

Communication is key when it comes to running a smooth and seamless business. You want management to be able to communicate with one another; however, you also need teams to speak to each other easily and then have conversations with management, too. Plus, what if you have remote workers to manage and work with?

Skype is, of course, the most popular option, and while it is easy to use for video-conferencing, it is not the only choice available. There are many other, more reliable software available, which can do other jobs much better than Skype.

Looking for an instant messaging app that is easy to organize by department? Slack is easy-to-use, supports file sharing, and can be fantastic for freelancers who need to share work and get feedback. Management can overview the conversations and group tasks, while team members can go about their work without much issue.

What about social media communications? The likes of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is important when it comes to a business and its brand image, so investing in software that helps you manage these channels can make a massive difference to your social media and communications plan. Look into HootSuite, as this can help you schedule Tweets.

For Accounting & Finance

Having the right software can make payments and quoting a lot quicker and easier. Processing numbers is no simple task, so ensuring that your employees have the right tools so that they can do their job with minimal mistakes from appearing is incredibly important – especially when it comes to finances.

When looking for the best software, looking out for articles from trustworthy websites. Project Manager News has written a detailed article on the best CPQ software, which is ideal when pricing and quoting clients and customers.

You will also want to find accounting software to help with the payment of employees. This will help streamline payroll as well as taxes and any benefits. The likes of Gusto is perfect for such duties.

For PR

PR can be difficult (and expensive) or many businesses, yet with the help of Haro (Helping A Reporter Out), your small business can connect with reporters who are looking for a news story. By working with a journalist, they can create content that generates noise around your company – just ensure that it is good noise.

For Human Resources

HR has a lot of work to get through, especially when it comes to hiring new employees for the company. Luckily, the likes of Goodhire can make this task a lot more seamless. Goodhire will provide criminal background checks, verify an applicant’s identity, and check whether they have the correct qualifications.

You can also make great use of GoCo, an all in one HR system that reduces paperwork, all while helping with employee on-boarding and off-boarding. You will also be able to track an employee’s time, absences and sickness. This can help you oversee how many days each employee has taken.

As you can see, there is a lot of software for you to consider; however, those listed above are considered the best of the best.

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