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VPN stands for “virtual private network.” And chances are, if you’re just someone who casually browses the web, a VPN is something you’ve never considered using. And why would you? It’s not like you’re sending credit card numbers over your home network and to some remote server somewhere across the country. Or sending other personal, highly sensitive information over what could be an incredibly unsecure connection.

Oh wait. You’re doing just that, crossing your fingers in hopes that you’re protected. But with a VPN, you don’t have to hope. You can know for sure that your internet traffic is safe and secure.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a VPN?

First off, what is a VPN? And how does a VPN work? To make thing short and sweet, a VPN enables you to create a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and outside networks. It prevents your traffic from being intercepted over, say, a not-so-secure home wifi network. And if you’re using a public WiFi hotspot, oh boy — you are not going to want your personal data flying over those airwaves without some kind of encryption in place.

Take a look at the ultimate VPN guide to help make that happen. By the way, that’s not all a VPN can do. There are some other benefits to having a VPN installed, too — some that are about security, and some that are more about geographical slight of hand. You can research more about the most reliable VPN services on FindReviews here.

VPNs can bust through internet blocks

Are you at a school where certain websites are blocked? Or more seriously, do you live in a country where the government censors certain parts of the internet? With a VPN, your traffic is shielded from prying eyes, and data transfers between you and the website you’re trying to visit are encrypted. That means you can see what you aren’t supposed to see, and perhaps learn about things that a higher entity doesn’t what you to know.

VPNs can spoof your location

Are you outside of the United States, yet want access to a website that is only open to U.S. residents? Or are you trying to watch local TV channels through an online streaming service, even though you’re hundreds of miles from home? If you route your traffic through a VPN server in a different place, the website you’re visiting will believe you’re sitting in that other location.

You can use this particular VPN power for both good and evil. But we trust that you’ll have only the best intentions when using a VPN.

The benefits are many

As you can see, there are a bunch of reasons you should consider having a VPN installed on your PC or laptop. If you’ve effectively been browsing naked, putting yourself at risk all this time, what on earth are you waiting for? Find yourself a trustworthy VPN program, get it installed, and don’t just hope that your private information is safe — know it is.

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