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For those who value remaining secure and protected while making calls, surfing the web, and more, a VPN is an excellent option. Also known as a Virtual Private Network, VPNs are a form of technology used to help users establish secure network connections as well as protect the information and data being sent through the network. With the help of an encrypted tunnel, VPNs help users stay anonymous by hiding their IP addresses and replacing them with the IP addresses of the servers they are connected to via the VPN.

Protecting your privacy

By creating a secure “tunnel” between the provider and the user, although VPNs use the same lines as the rest of the internet, they scramble the information being sent through them, making it impossible for hackers and other potentially problematic parties to access it. In order for anyone to access this information, they must have a specific access key to decrypt it. If not, it is nearly impossible for anyone to access the information.

Benefits of having a VPN for your Android

For those who may be on the fence about purchasing a VPN for their Android, the following is a list of benefits of doing so:

  • Block Ads, Malware, and Trackers Using a VPN for an android makes it possible to block out ads, malware, trackers, hackers, and more.
  • Public WiFi Security – Having a VPN is a great idea for those who frequently use public Wi-Fi. This is because it provides users with a secure connection even while using public networks.
  • Cross Censorship Lines – At this point, various types of programming and information is being censored in a multitude of countries across the globe. By purchasing a VPN, it is possible to bypass censorship parameters across the globe.
  • Stay Private During Banking and Other Transactions Lastly, purchasing a VPN allows users to remain safe and secure while using online banking, as well as while shopping and sharing sensitive financial information.
  • Multi-Device Protection – One of the greatest benefits of using a VPN is that it offers the ability to protect multiple devices using one VPN network.

Features of VPN’s

In addition to the benefits of using a VPN, they also come with the following features:

  • No Logs – Never worry about the search history. Using a VPN allows users to surf without storing any logs detailing search history.
  • Kill Switch – One of the best features of a VPN is that they offer a kill switch. A kill switch is an automatic deactivation button that “kills” the internet connection if the VPN connection drops for any reason. In other words, if one is surfing the web and experiences a VPN malfunction, the kill switch prevents the user from unknowingly being connected to the network unprotected.
  • Camouflage Mode – Another important feature of VPN networks is that it allows users to remain incognito from even their own networks. In other words, users of VPNs have no reason to be concerned about being tracked or exposed ever.
  • Encryption – Information remains safe and secure using top-level encryption, the AES-256-GCM.

Who needs a VPN?

In a world in which financial hacks and security breaches are becoming increasingly common, now is the time to purchase a VPN. The following is a list of the types of people who need a VPN.

  • Frequent Torrent Users – Those who frequently use BitTorrent to share and receive files should definitely purchase a VPN. That way they won’t have to worry about being hacked, cyber attacked, etc.
  • Those Who Don’t Want to be Found – People tend to hide or go off-grid for a variety of reasons. However, if they are connected to the internet using a typical connection, they can easily be found via their Ip addresses. However, by using a VPN, these people are free to surf the web without worrying about having their locations exposed.
  • Those Who Travel Frequently – No matter where in the world one may travel, there are cyber security risks everywhere. For those who travel frequently, use their phones to conduct business, etc., purchasing a VPN is the best way to protect personal and business information at all times.
  • Frequent Streamers – Those who spend a lot of time on streaming networks (such as Hulu and Netflix), should consider purchasing a VPN service. While many seem to think they have unlimited data on their mobile phones, this is not true. For most networks, once the user has gone above a certain amount of internet usage, the internet will be slowed down until the next billing cycle. However, by purchasing a VPN, this makes it possible to stream these services as often as one likes.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to have a VPN for an android. Mobile phones offer relatively secure service, but they are susceptible to the same cyber security breaches as computers (after all, they are mini-computers), making a VPN a good option for those who are privacy and security conscious.

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