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Mobile learning has changed the way the world learns; thanks to technology, education is more accessible than ever. Beyond learning for individuals, it has also transformed the way that organizations train their staff. Long gone are the days when lengthy staff training sessions are needed; instead, on the job training has taken center stage on smartphones. 

Mobile learning is the delivery of lessons through topical, bite-sized pieces using a smartphone or tablet. Basically, it’s a classroom in your back pocket. Thanks to the accessibility, flexibility and responsiveness of mobile learning management systems, on the job training has become a whole lot easier, read on to find out why.  

For organizations delivering on the job training, a mobile learning management system can enhance the experience for both teachers and students. The best mobile learning management systems on offer right now offer plenty of features that provide improved results. These features include: 

Rapid authoring tools: there’s no need to spend weeks or even months developing traditional e-learning courses when you have mobile learning apps in place. The responsiveness of mobile learning management systems allows organizations to supply learners with up to date information at the click of the button. Thanks to rapid authoring tools, training programs and data can be refreshed regularly, providing accurate content throughout your entire organization. 

Real rewards and incentives: the best mobile learning management systems will allow organizations to reward and incentivize learners to complete their courses. You can offer real prizes and incentives based on completion rates and results that will encourage learners to continue with their training and eventually complete a course successfully. 

Live leader boards: when it comes to training within a team, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. The best mobile learning apps offer real-time leader boards that will allow all members of the team to track the progress of their colleagues. By doing so, it works as a great incentive to work a little harder and be the best of the bunch! Finding the best online course for your staff is key to get everyone working together in harmony. The best online courses are the ones that bring everyone together in a communal learning environment like Participate!

Access anytime, anywhere: the beauty of using mobile learning is that learners can pick up their app as and when they need it. For example, when it comes to on the job training, users can access the content/instructions that they need within a matter of minutes before applying it to a real-life situation. This type of training means that learners are more likely to retain and recall information as they apply it to a specific job. 

Gamification: gamification refers to the process of transforming typically mundane lessons and contents into games. Dare we say it, but gamification makes learning fun. Using gamification and similar features to make learning fun will often contribute to improved engagement rates, leading to better results for everyone. 

Online support: while mobile learning management systems are relatively straight-forward to use, you’ll also get round the clock support. So, if you choose a mobile app with an excellent customer service team, you’ll have the support as and when you need it. 

So, if you’re in search of a dynamic and affordable way to deliver training to your staff, mobile learning offers precisely that. If you’re yet to try it within your organization, you most definitely should. 

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