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What are your tweets worth anyway? Good question. MagPie Twitter is a new tool/service which will not only tell you what your tweet’s may be worth, but will help you monetize them by advertising in your twitter stream.

According to this site I can rake in (possibly) another $45/month. Is it worth it though? Well, that’s up to you. You can customize it in terms of how often you allow it to post the advertisements. It can be as often as one advertisement for every tweet or even as little one advertisement for every twenty tweets (or even less if you like).

Now that being said, you could potentially lose followers which would then hurt your projected “tweet worth” and if you use your twitter account as a tool for promotion (driving people to your site), you could potentially be hurting yourself. How so? Well, if twitter drives people to your site and you have advertising on your site which most likely makes you more than $45/month assuming you publish somewhat regularly and have a decent sized site by losing followers you are losing traffic and thus losing advertising dollars.

Let me know what you think – leave some feedback!

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