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Thanks for stopping by again for this week’s edition of the Weekend Wrap-up, where we catch you up on the biggest tech stories from the past week. We have some big stories to go over, so let’s get to it.

Comcast Plans to Buy Time Warner Cable for $45 Billion

Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable have regional monopolies, and now the number one and number two cable companies in the United States are poised to become one supergiant. This past week, Comcast made a move to acquire Time Warner Cable in a $45 million stock deal, a transaction that could be heavily scrutinized by government regulators. We’ll be sure to stay on top of the story and update you with any new developments.

sony-ps4-300x148Sony’s PlayStation 4 Wins in Sales for the Month of January

Both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have been on the market for a few months, and Sony’s console has been leading the Xbox One for every one of them. That didn’t change in the month of January, as the PlayStation 4 took the sales crown over the Xbox One once more. Microsoft didn’t lose out entirely; the Xbox One sold more games in the month of January than Sony’s console.

Price Leaked for the Nokia X Android Phone

The fact that Nokia is working on an Android phone is interesting enough. But it seems that the price for this phone, dubbed the “Nokia X,” could end up being crazy low. How low? A Vietnamese retailer listed the phone at approximately $104. That would be a great price for an off-contract phone, though we’re not rock solid on any specs for the device just yet. We’ll keep our eyes on the Nokia X and report back should we learn more.

Windows on Chromebooks: Google and VMWare Partner Up

Have you seen any of those “Scroogled” ads that say Chromebooks are less capable than Windows machines? Well, that isn’t exactly the case now. Google and VMWare have teamed up to bring VMWare’s “Desktop as a Service” capability to the Web browser-powered laptops, enabling users to run Windows desktops and Windows apps on the machines through the Internet. The folks in Redmond certainly can’t be thrilled about this.

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