It’s happening! WebOS, the dear, departed operating system that ran on Palm’s smartphones is coming back in the form of smart TVs made by LG, and we’ll catch our first glimpse at them at CES 2015 in Las Vegas starting January 6. This will be the first time we see it in action since images were allegedly leaked way back in January of this year.

CNET reports that the new smart TV operating system – which LG is calling webOS 2.0 – will launch apps somewhere around 60 percent quicker than they used to on the original version of webOS. I should hope so, considering how old the original version of the operating system is by now.

Anyway, it’s interesting that LG is going this route considering its software partner, Google, has its own smart TV operating system called, quite simply, Android TV. Meanwhile, Samsung is putting out smart TVs running Tizen, so, you know, don’t buy those.

[Source: CNET]

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