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Vine, the 6-second video app that has exploded in popularity since its launch earlier this year is a great app for iOS and Android, but one place that is missing out on Vine is the web. Currently there is no official Vine web version, so one frustrated Vine user and developer, Pierre Berube, decided to change that and created an extension for Google Chrome that offers the complete Vine experience in a web browser. “VineClient lets you experience Vine seamlessly from your web browser,” he said.

VineClient, which as of this moment only works in the latest version of Google Chrome, though I’m told will make its way to Internet Explorer and Firefox in the future, is a fully featured Vine app: you can login using your Vine username and password to view everyone you follow, explore popular content via the Explore section, leave comments, like videos, Revine, download, share, and even upload custom videos from your computer — something that can’t even be done in the official Vine app.

Mr. Berube tells me he’s also planning to implement webcam integration so you can shoot a Vine video directly on your computer as well.

I’ve been messing around with VineClient for a little and it’s a great way to experience Vine — I might actually spend more time watching Vine videos now because of this extension. Its fast and just as intuitive as the official app, so if you like Vine, you need to check out VineClient.

You can download and start using it today.


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