Google Chrome

google-chromeGoogle Chrome is the web browser of choice here at BestTechie. Google Chrome is fast, secure, easy to use, and works great on any operating system. Google has developed Chrome for Windows, OS X, Linux, and even iOS and Android so no matter what device you’re currently using Google Chrome can be your web browser.

Google Chrome supports the latest web standards so every website you visit should appear correctly. Plus, Google is constantly developing Chrome and releases updates for it all the time. Google Chrome has an automatic update feature that will update the browser for you in the background so you can always be assured you’re running the latest and most secure version.

Key Features

  • Easily import your bookmarks and other content into Google Chrome from other browsers
  • Sync your Google Chrome install with your Google account so you have the same tabs, bookmarks, and other content on all your devices.
  • Incognito mode allows you to browse the web without being tracked or leaving any browser history.
  • Tons of great Google Chrome themes and browser extensions to extend functionality.

Download Google Chrome