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When this email hit my inbox, I immediately thought, “These look insanely cool,” and so I’m sharing the news about these Vinci headphones. The AI-focused audio company behind the world’s first intelligent, bio-sensing headphones, recently announced the pre-order launch of their Vinci and Vinci Pro models, designed to provide an AI-assisted approach to music streaming and listening. Through the company’s machine learning technology, Vinci headphones adapt to user commands, preferences, and environment to curate a personalized audio experience.

vinci-lifestyleWhat I found intriguing about the Vinci headphones is that they have onboard storage of 16GB and 32GB for the regular and Pro model, respectively. This means they can be used without a phone, allowing for on-the-go listening without a secondary device or app. The company is currently running a Kickstarter pre-order campaign that will run for 30 days with a fundraising goal of $50,000, and will feature the exclusive early bird pricing of $99. The first products will ship by early 2017.

And the campaign is going very well, with 22 days to go, the company has already secured more than 4x the amount of money they were seeking to raise.

The headphones run the company’s highly customized voice OS, which enables users to play music via Spotify, check the weather, and more using Amazon Alexa over WiFi or SIM card connectivity through voice command recognition. Vinci will also connect you with information, directions, local venue recommendations, and reminders. Perhaps the coolest part of the Vinci headphones is the patented external panel that allows for visual customization with a set of animations and personalized text (such as the song you’re currently playing) alongside seamless touch commands, such as tapping and sliding.

I’m really excited to see these come to market. I think the potential for awesomeness here is huge, especially for music lovers as myself.

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