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When it comes to TV and Internet, you have two choices: you can either bundle the two and get an okay deal, or you can order just one and get really shafted. This is the cord-cutter’s dilemma, as an Internet-only cable or fiber plan rarely provides a good value.

An exception to this rule popped up today, however; a plan from Verizon FiOS that rings up at just $50 per month for the first year, and provides both 50 mbps down / 25 mbps up Internet and a subscription to HBO. So not only can you get decent Internet speeds for a good price, you can also keep up with HBO hits like Game of Thrones and Veep.

Verizon-logo-300x300When I first caught wind of this package, I was really impressed. It’s extremely forward-thinking. It shows that Verizon sees where TV is going and isn’t afraid to make its offerings more enticing to cord cutters.

And then I tried to get the plan myself. I was told no.

You see, Verizon FiOS, much like its competitors at Comcast, Time Warner and pretty much any other ISP, believes in the boneheaded practice of reverse loyalty. If you aren’t a customer, you can get a sweet deal to sign up. But if you’re already giving the company money, it’s in no hurry to switch you to a cheaper package.

For me to get a similar deal with FiOS, I would actually have to subscribe to some kind of TV/Internet bundle in order to add premium channels, and that plan would skyrocket in price to over $120 before fees and equipment costs are added on. That’s to get the same Internet speed, and to get access to the only channel I really care about: HBO.

If you’re in an area that has FiOS coverage and you’re not already a customer of the service, this is a pretty nice package. If you’re already a FiOS customer, though, I encourage you to shop around with competing Internet providers in your area (if there are any); they may be extremely happy to take your business. It’s just too bad telecom companies are more worried about attracting new business than keeping older customers happy.

[Source: 9 to 5 Toys]

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