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Today, Twitter has released Vine, the popular six-second video sharing app, for Android users (version 4.0 or higher). The app is available for download right now via Google Play and is already sporting a four star rating.

The Android version of Vine is not currently fully baked as it is lacking features such as front facing camera support, push notifications, hashtags and mentions, as well as searching for people and tags. Although the new Android app is lacking these features at the moment, frequent future updates will provide users with those additions.

This seems to be the approach Twitter is took with the iOS version of Vine as well.  As it was not until recently that those features made it to the iOS version of Vine, which launched earlier this year.  Vine currently has 13 million users on iOS alone, so it will be interesting to see how the introduction of the Android version fuels the growth of the app.

I’m sure this launch will likely be compared to when Instagram launched the Android version of its app back in April of 2012, and the company saw over a million new users within 12 hours of the launch.

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