Twitter Releases Official BlackBerry App

Twitter just announced that they have released an official BlackBerry Twitter app.  The app, which of course, is a free download can be found here.  This is interesting news coming from Twitter.  Mainly because to date, Twitter hasn’t had any official apps either on the desktop or mobile side of things.  Its just been a web service.  Now with the announcement of an official app for the BlackBerry is leads one to think if an official iPhone and Android app will follow.

Twitter’s blog post promoting the app highlights a few of their favorite features:

  • Real-time BlackBerry push of Twitter direct messages
  • Camera and photo gallery integration
  • Browser integration for Tweeting links
  • Customizable interface for changing fonts, hiding tool bars, etc.
  • Inbox integration so you can read your Twitter direct messages along side your email and text messages
  • @integration so that if you receive an email or text message which includes an @username, it is linked to the Twitter app profile page
  • Twitter lists integration
  • Notification of @mentions
  • Search for users, content, and trending topics
  • Localized for French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese

Would you like to see an official Twitter app for the iPhone and Android?

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