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Twitter has become within the past week an extremely unstable and unusable site. A site, that I rely on to push updates on my own projects. Yesterday afternoon, Twitter announced that it would be down for maintenance starting at Midnight Pacific Time (PST). Shortly thereafter I noticed the site was extremely slow (which was nothing really too new – unfortunately) and within a few minutes was completely unreachable. When Twitter returned for a breif period of time I was able to squeeze in this tweet:

I use Twitter to push all of my new blog posts and videos as well as to connect with people who I might not be able to otherwise. In fact, when Twitter is down I am hesitant to post blog entries which means with all this downtime it’s quite difficult to get my updates out. Twitter all-in-all is a great platform, but it would be even better if it could remain online and stable.

Are we going to move to a more decentralized platform? If Twitter cannot get their act together, we might very well be moving to a more decentralized platform or perhaps something else will appear on the horizon. I’m thinking Twitter needs some money, fast. Anyone have any extra cash to throw around and willing to buy Twitter?

Do you use Twitter? Are you frustrated? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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