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In a rather odd and clearly scripted conversation on Twitter (screenshot below), it appears that both Twitter and Bing may be working on some kind of new partnership.  It could be further integration of Twitter within Bing or perhaps even other Microsoft services and products.  Whatever it is, we don’t know at this point.  Nonetheless, I would definitely venture to guess that something new is in the works.

It could also be a jab at Google who not too long ago decided not to renew its partnership with Twitter to integrate tweets into Google’s search results.  Of course, that decision was most likely in part due to Google+.  Either way, check out this really awkward conversation between Twitter and Bing.  It almost makes you cringe while you read it.

Update: According to Business Insider both Twitter and Microsoft have come to an agreement to renew the deal which allows Bing to have “firehose” access to Twitter’s stream of tweets. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, speculation leads us to believe it may have been somewhere in the range of $30 million a year.

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