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To be honest, I was pretty disappointed by Tweetie 1 for the Mac. I kept on raving about it for weeks saying how it would tumble TweetDeck right when it was released, but right after the first day I was not happy with what I saw. I did pay the $14.95 for the ad-less version of Tweetie, and at first I didn’t regret buying it, thinking of course Tweetie would eventually listen to by constructive feedback and eventually add the features I asked them to do.

It’s been a year, and not one single feature I politely (keyword: politely. I will admit that after a few months though I did start getting a little agitated for not listening to me) asked them to integrate some new features such as support for Whitelisted users, a wider variety for the refresh interval, and some other minor features I would have liked for them to put in.  All of which I think are pretty basic and standard features to begin with.

Now, Tweetie 2 for Mac will be released in about a month, and I did buy the MacHeist nanoBundle so I will get an early beta test of Tweetie 2. I’ve had a few people ask me if I was going to switch and my response: “it depends on the features”.

The first and the only reason why I’m not using Tweetie 1: Refresh Interval. I know some people don’t really mind the 5 minute refresh interval on Tweetie so they use it. I, however, as a whitelisted user, have gotten too used to TweetDeck’s 5-10 second interval of refreshing Tweets. I’ve asked Tweetie Developers countless times if they could implement at least some sort of interval rate that can be changed as much as possible, such as an exact update to Tweets to accommodate people with API counts, but most of the times I’ve either had no response or them just replying that it isn’t a top priority.

Honestly, that’s really the only reason why I refuse to use Tweetie. Some minor stuff like showing the number count of replies if you get any new ones but you’re not in that specific column is something else they could do, but I can live without it. But to be honest, I don’t feel like manually refreshing 50 times a minute, which is why I’m sticking to TweetDeck unless Tweetie 2 gives the same interval rate options as TweetDeck.

Other additional features I’d like to see include geo-location, Twitter lists, and account syncing between Tweetie for Mac and Tweetie for iPhone.

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