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This is pretty great: today, Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices that makes accessing your desktop PC or Mac remotely supremely easy. It’s exactly what it sounds like: any compatible Android device can access a PC or Mac computer that’s online and has the companion Chrome App installed. After connecting, the app replicates the desktop environment on the Android device, allowing you to manipulate the mouse and keyboard as though you’re right at your desk.

I’m actually typing this sentence with my smartphone.

Of course, it was riddled with typos. Part of that was me being too excited not to watch my desktop screen to be careful about what I was typing. Another part of it was the general inadequacies of touch-keyboards versus physical keys. But I launched Microsoft Word by tapping my smartphone, and started pecking away. If I had a compatible Android tablet, I’d be all set.

Want to give it a shot? First, direct your PC or Mac to download and install the Remote Desktop Chrome app.

Then, go ahead and download the Android app companion and start the set-up process. Once you create your PIN number and enter it on both devices, you’re good to go. It’s ridiculously easy.

And it’s not just for remote access via your Android device. You can also share access with someone at another computer, giving them remote access if you need tech support or some other kind of help. In short, it’s LogMeIn with less hassle, and completely free.

While your desktop is being replicated, though, there is an amount of lag that shows up on-screen—at least in my test, that is. The lag is pretty minimal, though it could be greater if the two machines aren’t on the same Wi-Fi network (as mine are). And as of now, there’s no iOS version of the app available, but hopefully Google will launch one sooner rather than later. If I can have access to my desktop PC from my iPad—well, that would be just peachy, wouldn’t it?

I know I might start leaving my desktop PC on when I’m not home, just so I can take advantage of this when I’m on the go. Now I never need to worry about having access to my files wherever I’m at. Go ahead and try it out—how cool is that?

[Chrome Remote Desktop]

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