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Sony’s latest home game console, the PlayStation 4, has only been available for just shy of 6 months, and its success is unprecedented. As of April 6th, the company reported that it has sold a whopping 7 million consoles worldwide in more than 72 countries/regions, largely beating even their own predictions.

That’s a lot of consoles, folks.

In the software space as of April 13, over 20.5 million PS4 games have been sold through brick-and-mortar stores or via digital download since launch, and users have shared videos and images from their PS4s over 135 million times.

This consistent good news for Sony puts Microsoft, its direct competitor in the gaming space, in an interesting spot. Reports since the launch of both consoles have had Sony trailing the House of Windows in sales and popularity – but Xbox One sales are not terrible.

Last we checked, the Xbox One was somewhere in the ballpark of 4-5 million console sales globally, and that figure may have gone up a million or two since. We’ll have a better ballpark figure when April wraps up and sales reports begin to surface.

Additionally, with Microsoft’s console-exclusive release of Titanfall on Xbox One (also available on PC), sales of the console have been expected to spike, especially with stores discounting the system left and right. It also doesn’t help Sony’s case that Xbox One software updates have been arriving at an incredible clip, bringing new features frequently to try and overtake the PS4.

Still, if you listen closely, you can already here the faint clinging of wine glasses and congratulatory back-pats coming from Sony’s headquarters. Let’s hope they keep up the pace with releasing great new games to play.


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