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Freelancing allows for untold freedom and uncertainty. Yes, you can travel wherever you want, but you are also held back due to the sheer weight of responsibility. You are in total control of your work, from acquiring new clients to setting your own schedule, not to mention in charge of saving a portion of that money to then pay your taxes at the end of the year. It is a lot of work, and trying to find the right balance between working and traveling can be challenging. Follow this blog post however, and you can better manage your time and enjoy your life so much more.

The Benefits of Slow Travel

If you choose to travel as you work, then your best option is to travel slowly. The difference between slow and fast travel is how long you spend in any given place. Live in your destinations for as long as possible. This does not mean you need a work visa, either. Simply follow the rules when it comes to your tourist visa. In some countries, this will be one month, in others, three. Stay for as long as you can. Take a week or two in every city, or stay in a short-term rental for a month. It is more comfortable, and you can really get to know the destination, instead of just see it.

Working Tip

Though you can work remotely abroad, there are limits. You cannot abandon your home country entirely without losing certain privileges, so it is important to check up on how often you need to return home and for how long. The last thing you want, for example, is for your health care at home to be revoked because you were abroad. Spend a month or two at home, see your family and friends, and plan your next trip instead!

Follow a Strict Routine

The first rule to successful freelancing is the need for routine. Go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time. The reason why this routine is important is because it helps you time yourself better. You need to have enough energy throughout the day in order to do everything that you want to do. Try to always do work first, so that you have something to look forward to, rather than at the end of the day when you have already spent most of your energy.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

If you want to balance working and traveling at the same time, you need to be in peak physical condition. There is no room to be sick, either due to an illness or poor diet. Instead, try to eat as healthy as you can, drink plenty of water, and get enough exercise. Your regular routine should do the rest for you. The more you focus on your health, the better you will be able to do both the work and the traveling side-by-side.

Get Outside When You Work

If you can, try working in cafés instead of strictly at whatever residency you are staying in. This is important for a few reasons: one, it helps you distance work from where you sleep, and two, it helps you feel more connected to the place you are staying.

Be Connected, Anywhere

When you freelance, being connected is imperative. This means you need a steady connection to both the internet and to regular phone services and calling. If you are planning on staying in a country for longer than two weeks, it is wise that you get a local SIM card. This will give you the data you need to stay connected through email, but to stay connected internationally via phone you should use Viber international calls. Local SIMs are good for local usage, but if you have clients in a different country or around the world being able to call them via phone call is imperative.

Diversify Your Income

One of the best ways to enjoy working as a freelancer is to diversify your income. If you are a hobbyist photographer, for example, you can create a passive income by selling your photography on stock photography websites. Passive incomes like this are a great way to have money keep coming in, because they are something you do once. Upload your photo once, and you get paid automatically every time someone downloads it. Unless you upload hundreds of thousands of pictures, however, you won’t be able to make a living strictly off of stock photography, but you can definitely enjoy a little bit of extra money.

If your freelance job is not very consistent, consider starting your own travel business on the side. You can offer experiences or tours on travel websites, and share your knowledge and expertise with others while getting paid to do so.

Making the Most of Your Stay

With the aforementioned tips you will be able to better manage your time and be more professional towards your work. Combined, this should help you do both a better job and do it more efficiently. All that is left from there is to enjoy your stay as much as possible.

Find groups online of expats in a similar situation to you and meet up with them to grow your social circle. Try to limit yourself to one or two things a day to really enjoy the experience, rather than try to fit as many things in as possible. There is no reason to rush, just take things slow so you are certain you are getting the most out of the experience.

Document Your Travels

The longer you stay in your destination, the more you will be able to make real memories. Write them down, start a vlog, or create your own website to keep track of everything that happens. In the worst-case scenario you have a great time capsule of your years traveling, in the best case scenario you become popular enough to become an influencer. Either way, it’s a great habit to get in to, so start today.

Working while you travel can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Travel slow, stick to a routine, and get out and do one or two things a day so that you have the energy to keep going and keep enjoying all that the world has to offer.

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