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When you think of Facebook algorithms, it often times seems like a mystery. Even though it still produces one of the best ROIs for many marketers, there are still many insights which need to be discovered. What is more, Facebook’s latest announcement regarding the change of algorithms has put many businesses in a challenging position. As Zuckerberg himself mentions “Facebook was created to bring people together.” Therefore, the social media platform’s main focus this year is promoting interactions between people and posts which drive comments back and forth. So, if you wonder how you can survive on Facebook this year, keep reading this article and discover three of the simplest way to make social media more accessible for your business.

3 ways to deal with Facebook algorithm changes

1. Incorporate video content

Using video content to improve the engagement rate on Facebook is already a marketing strategy recommend on any marketing guide available online and offline. What is more, users interact better with video content instead of any other type of content. When you want to keep your customers’ eyes glued on the screen, the best strategy you can apply is constantly posting video content. In addition, you should take into consideration that people don’t have time nowadays. Thus, if you were to choose between reading a text or watching a 1-minute video, you will definitely choose the video. It becomes easier for your audience to understand your message and become empathic with it when they watch a video.

Moreover, you don’t need to invest too much in creating various commercials. There are plenty of free tools you can use to produce constant video content. For example, a very popular platform which you can use is Facebook Live. Your audience will interact faster with your videos as they will receive an immediate notification on their page, and this will increase their curiosity. In addition, Facebook has also its own video-maker app called Boomerang. You can use it and create stylish videos in just a couple of seconds.

2. Post content that drives discussions 

Facebook has made a recent algorithm update in 2018, stating that they will rank higher in their users’ news feed those posts which engage discussions. According to this algorithm, Facebook will determine how high to place a post based on its number of shares and comments. In addition, they will consider as a priority those posts which drive conversations and interactions between Facebook users. For example, Facebook will choose those posts which might make you interact with your friends and rank them higher in your news feed. Therefore, you will no longer feel assaulted by public posts and videos which usually come from brands and publishers.

How can you cope with this new algorithm? Even though you can still drive engagement from your customers with meaningful information for your audience, you will have to change your strategy and start conversations with your target audience. For example, you can create polls for your audience and openly ask their opinions on different subjects. The questions’ game is an efficient way to give your audience the impression that they lead the way as well as being a smart way to encourage them to comment on your posts without too much effort. Furthermore, you should try to post debatable content regularly and find your customers’ opinions in various subjects. Even though this can be a slippery road to follow, you should take the risk from time to open the discussion on some shocking news, paying also attention to not offend or alienate your target audience.

3. Create a Facebook group

When you create a Facebook group for your business, you will address your message to a group of people who share the same interests. Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunities to engage with your audience on various topics related to your business and improve awareness of your brand. By being active both on your Facebook page and group, you will generate more discussions with your audience. When a fan joins your group, then there are increased chances that he will become a follower of your brand.

Furthermore, creating a Facebook group offers you a strong advantage that you can exploit. You can analyze what are the most frequent questions your people are asking inside the group and use them for your inspiration. You can create posts and articles on your blog starting from their questions which will help you demonstrate your expertise and experience. In addition, you can also answer your audience’s questions immediately and re-direct them to various blog posts which can help them even more. Thus, you will show your audience the human face behind the brand.

Final thoughts

When it comes to Facebook and social media in general, the golden rule that applies is producing and sharing valuable content. It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated are Facebook’s algorithms. When you have a clear marketing strategy and you know your target audience very well, then it becomes simple to post awesome content. Therefore, your chances to receive more likes and shares from your followers increase significantly. In addition, even though the latest updates in Facebook algorithms have scared many businesses, the idea behind all these changes is to reduce low-quality content. Thus, the best strategy you can use is to do detailed research and deliver the type of content that your audience is anxiously waiting for.

Like or not, you will need Facebook to bring your audience closer to your brand. Its algorithms are constantly changing, which means that you should do the same with your marketing strategy. However, there are some golden rules which will always bring results. Focusing on great content, opening a Facebook group, starting discussions with your audience, and incorporating video content are some of the most efficient methods you can use today. What is more, it is also important to post constantly and show your customers that you care about their needs.

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