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We live in a really high paced world where life tempo grows every day. Everyone is extremely busy and information consumption process goes very quickly. This makes marketers’ job a lot harder as promoting materials should be short and compelling so that the person who sees them would want to buy the goods. Years ago the most popular promotion materials were all written but nowadays everyone is too busy to read. That is why video materials invaded marketing field. It is much easier now to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ a story to potential customers.

Recent research from Aberdeen shows that in terms of increasing brand awareness video marketing strategy performs like any other – being able to track how specific content performs 129% higher than any similar promoting materials. Moreover, according to Cisco, by the year 2021 almost 82% of all web traffic will be represented by videos. If we turn our interest to social media, we will see a quite similar picture – around 59% of users prefer video content to the same information but in written form. It is pretty obvious, that video marketing is conquering the world of media. And the best thing we can do about it is to accommodate customer preferences.

So if you are a businessperson who wants to grow their business it would be a really good idea to start thinking about how to integrate videos into your marketing strategy.

So, there are a few types of videos that typically resonate most with audiences and those are the types we’re going to cover below:

Explainer videos

This is the type of videos you use, when you want to explain to the audience how awesome your product or service is. Usually they are pretty easy to watch and are quite entertaining. For example, explainer videos made in a shape of animation – they are less expensive to produce than live-action videos, and can be used to show case a product or a service in an engaging and entertaining way.

A great example would be a video made by Dollar Shave Club that vent viral and brought them millions of dollars, which eventually lead to a billion dollar acquisition. The best thing about this video is that marketers of this company somehow managed to make such a boring topic, as choosing a razor, make look all entertaining and funny. Their following success was mainly explained by this unique user experience they made.

How To Videos

On the first sight, they are pretty similar to the previous type, but these videos do not just show the value of the product, but also demonstrate how to use it. For example this video shows 12 ideas on how to use the famous WD-40 product. You can find a bunch of similar videos on YouTube. They all share the same purpose – to demonstrate pros and cons of the product in practice.

Researches show that 91% users of smartphones use them to search various ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube. At the same time they almost completely ignore the same tips but in a form of a text.

User Generated Videos

Years ago this was a relatively new concept but nowadays it is one of the best video marketing techniques we have. Hubspot also mentions that these videos became quite an influence for customers who are being in a process of choosing a new product to buy.

In this case, the content is being fully generated by users of the platform or consumers of certain product. A fashion brand known as Mod Cloth would be an excellent choice to illustrate this example. On this platform not only customers can share their experiences about purchased products, but also are able to follow each other, this way showing products from a totally unbiased perspective.

Product Description Content

This is one of the most informative type of videos in content marketing. This kind of video would explain to the customer what the product is created for and show some specifics about its details, where and when one could use it, why precisely this product is better than the one from the company’s competitors and finally – how it works. Lately more and more companies switch their interest from texts to videos when it comes to making a description to their products. This is especially popular in car business.

For example, description videos that Mazda makes, like this one, are created specifically to attract new customers by explaining to them why Mazda cars are their best choice among all others on the market.

It is almost impossible to ignore the power that videos hold in the world of marketing. There are sometimes situations, when the consumer cannot physically test the product and in this case, videos should be the second best thing available for him.


The popularity of online video presents a huge opportunity for SEOs willing to get creative to achieve results. Producing videos is not always cheap, but it usually is not as expensive as people believe it will be, either. If you have commissioned and marketed infographics before, you definitely can afford to produce a video that will generate a good ROI for you or your client.

Last but definitely not least – never underestimate the importance of quality of your content. It does not matter whether it is a text or a video – the material will not attract new customers if it is poorly performed.

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