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Rumors that Apple is planning to release a smaller version of the iPhone 6—which may be called the iPhone 6C—continue to swirl. A post on FutureSupplier (via 9to5Mac) on Monday claims to show a couple of images that seem a whole lot like it’s depicting the rear casing of a new iPhone—specifically one that fits the description we’ve heard of the iPhone 6C so far.

Image via FutureSupplier

The evidence, such as it is, really isn’t ironclad or anything. Mainly, we’ve got a few subtle differences in this casing and that of an iPhone 5C, namely the shapes of the speaker grille on the bottom and the hole left for a camera flash towards the top. And while those changes could certainly be enough to signify that there’s a new, smaller version of the iPhone 6 on the way, these images could also easily have been Photoshopped.

On the other hand, giving a smaller version of the iPhone 6 the “C” designation makes some amount of sense. While the iPhone 5C wasn’t a smash hit—partly due to its lesser specs and somewhat less-premium feel—it was less expensive than the iPhone 5s it launched with. If Apple wanted to pump out an iPhone 6 at a lower price than the bigger models (which themselves may get revamped as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus), doing so with a smaller form factor would make some sense. That way, you’re making a smaller device that needs fewer materials in manufacturing to get the job done.

Image via FutureSupplier

It’s not a perfect theory. And until we see something official from Apple, this is all pretty speculative. Still, there’s something to be said for the rumors we’ve seen thus far lining up pretty well with this image—wherever it comes from. To be honest, I was surprised when Apple didn’t release a smaller sized iPhone last year anyway. This device—if it’s real—would certainly be a very Apple-like thing to make.

[Source: FutureSupplier via 9to5Mac]

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