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If you ever wished a theme song played as you walked down the street, this new product I’m about to share will be right up your alley. No, it’s not a flying speaker that follows you around, though I have a feeling that’s certainly possible now with this invention. It’s a flying camera that follows you around and shoots 1080p 60fps video. It can also shoot in slo-mo at 120fps in 720p. What is this new magical device? It’s called the Lily and it looks insanely awesome.

How to use the Lily camera.

Basically, the Lily is a drone that follows you via a GPS locator you can put in your pocket. In order to start a new video you, get this, throw it in the air and go! In case you wondering the Lily can fly at a max speed of 25mph, so while you can’t have it keep up with you during a drag race, it certainly can on a bike ride, snowboarding, skiing, run, or walk. One of the negatives is that the Lily only has 20 minutes of battery life at a time (I’m sure additional battery packs will be made available for purchase though).

I imagine the Lily will lead to some amazing videos being created. Honestly, I’m shocked GoPro hasn’t done this yet. Anyway, it’s up for pre-order right now (doesn’t ship until February 2016 though). You can pre-order your Lily camera for $499 + $20 for shipping bringing you to a grand total of $519.

Note: The $499 pricing is only good until June 15 2015. After that the price will be $999.

So yeah, it’s a bit pricey but it looks freaking amazing. Check out the video below.

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