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Praise RNGesus.

Who is that, you ask? Well, it isn’t a real person, but instead, a name that gamers have for the “random number generator” (hence the “RNG”) that decides which loot to drop in an RPG.

Sometimes, the random number generator really screws you over. Other times, it gifts you with more than you could’ve ever asked for. More often than not, you get something nice every once in awhile, but otherwise plod along waiting and wishing.

This past weekend, I received an exceptionally generous pile of goodies from RNGesus.

I ran both of Destiny’s raids this past Friday. Going in, I had two exotic weapons to my name: The Suros Regime (acquired in a previous Vault of Glass run) and Super Good Advice, which I picked up through an exotic weapon bounty.

After running both Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, I had three more: Patience & Time, Plan C, and the much-slammed No Land Beyond.

truthBut that’s not all. I played some Crucible on Sunday and found Truth, an exotic rocket launcher that will undoubtedly come in handy in the coming days.

This sudden influx of sought-after equipment has me wanting more. And that’s probably what Bungie wants players to feel, as all but the newest of new players have probably been through all of the game’s available content.

But will the exotic hunt be enough until the next Destiny expansion drops? A post that popped up on reddit (from someone who apparently altered his Xbox One to make Destiny believe the date was different) claims that House of Wolves may not come out until May 19. That’s three months and a few weeks away, and I’m just not sure that the grind will be that satisfying for that much longer.

If players get bored, they’ll go elsewhere. And for a game that has depended on its community as much as Destiny has, that is very bad news.

Perhaps the reddit poster has the facts wrong. Or maybe Bungie really does plan on holding the next DLC for a while longer. I just hope, for the game’s sake, that the base doesn’t abandon it before House of Wolves arrives.

Maybe RNGesus can help?


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