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Silicon Valley might be taking all of the credit for introducing new and exciting apps into the world, but they are not the only ones producing some of the most exciting apps in the world. Canada has had its fair share of apps and games produced that have taken over the world and have become part of the immediately downloaded apps when someone gets a new phone.

So, in order to keep you all aware of the reason for Canadians to be proud of their tech sector, we have decided to bring to your attention the four apps that have dominated the phones of many users around the world. Some of them are useful, but most of them are just plain fun to have. Here we have listed the apps that seemingly have been downloaded and used the most times around the world, and have been rated the highest in their years of existence. You might not have even known that the apps below are Canadian, but now, you will be able to enjoy the products of Canada and be proud to be doing so!


KiK is the messenger app that spread through the US like wildfire and then kept going to get around the world. The speed at which the spread happened and the love which the users have shown the app is evidence enough that it is a high quality messaging app. Many have compared Kik to WhatsApp in how useful it has turned out and how functional it is, but many have also said that Kik is better than WhatsApp, simply because they are not owned by Facebook. Kik provides a wide range of messenger services, including image sharing, texting, gif sharing, and all the other functions that other messenger apps offer.

Except all of this comes with a bit of an extra provision – you can remain anonymous as you use the app. Users do not have to provide a phone number to register and can choose to not state their real name or not have a profile picture. This has proven to be a key feature for many, as they have taken up Kik in order to keep messaging without repercussions or without issues. While some criticize anonymity, the majority of Kik users enjoy it and think that it is a key feature that brought them to the use of the messenger app.

Alto’s Adventure

There are few things better than a hypnotic, beautiful adventure that you can go on without the fear of facing some terrible repercussions. Alto’s Adventure is just that – a game that was developed in Canada and is based entirely on the beauty of Canada. While the adventure itself might not necessarily represent the true nature of living in Canada, the atmosphere that the game is infused with definitely provides the experience of enjoyment. The art of the game is beautiful – it is simple and rounded, but takes colour grading, shading and lighting to a whole new level for a two dimensional game for mobile. It allows users to experience a nice and relaxing feeling, along with the music and the general sound effects present in the game. The point of the game is to keep snowboarding down an infinite hill and gathering the llamas that escaped from your farm. The premise is quite simple, but the experience is highly enjoyable and enjoyed by many. IT is a great game and it is no wonder that the game managed to take over the entire world with how frequently it was rated as one of the top apps.

Chameleon Run

While relaxing might be nice, running and speed are all about frenetic action and excitement. Which is why Chameleon Run, another game produced by a Canadian company, became so popular, so quickly, around the world. This game quickly came under the attention of many a player who liked to play high-speed levels and enjoy the quick changes and quick thinking that was required by the players in order to be able to survive the levels. The reaction times getting smaller and the pressure to win getting higher only meant that the game became more popular with every single passing minute. A top-notch Canadian game for everyone to enjoy.


And speaking of gaming, it would be a shame to not mention one of the most frequently downloaded Canadian apps – Playamo Canada. This app allows all those who want to play casino games online to take out their phones and just get to playing. This app has been one of the most frequently downloaded ones in the entire country and even abroad with people from around the world wanting to try their hand at playing casino games that felt like you were playing them in person through their phones.

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