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As business owners, we are always finding a way to be most productive at what we do and minimize the wastage of time. A business owner has to wear many hats in a day, and have a working environment that enables them to be their creative best.

That’s why mobile app development goals revolve around boosting productivity and enhancing security in transactions. We are all in search of the best apps that help us lead more productive lives. Here is a list of some of the best apps in the market:


RescueTime is an app that keeps a check on the most important factor of your employee’s performance- their online activity. It’s the age of social media where we can’t stay away from scrolling Instagram or checking Twitter, so RescueTime does all the monitoring for you.

This application tracks Windows online activity for a day to see where you or your employees spent your time. Even if it is aimed at improving productivity and enhancing accountability, this app helps a lot in finding slots where you mostly waste time.

It tracks time spent on each website/app, monitors offline activities like phone calls and messages, provides reminders on the screen for turning off an app and takes permission to block certain websites defined by you if they are making you unproductive.

At the end of the week, RescueTime will email you a detailed report of online and offline activities so that you can pinpoint faults. The app is available on both iPhone and Android. It has both free and premium plans.

Stay Focused

One of the things people struggle with during work is concentration. Some days, everything is distracting at work, and you can’t pay attention to the task at hand. It is even more troubling for creative jobs where concentration is all you need. So your mobile application development should look into all such concerns of the users.

To cater to your specialized issues, Stay Focused is one of the important apps. It is created to help you solve that concentration problem and extract the best out of your working hours. It maintains a targeted level of concentration for you and your employees.

Stay Focused will ask for permission to block apps that distract you during work hours. The list of websites and apps you can prevent is endless in Stay Focused, but it is up to the user to define those boundaries.


We all need to-do lists in our life. Be it a mother, a student, a postman, or an office-goer; lists are inevitable and helpful. Applications cater to the smartphone and tablet user of today, and they turn into a version of that good old to do list.

ToDoist is such an app which has intelligent software that categorizes things based on their importance. For example, if you write on the app “have dinner with family at 7 pm”, it will automatically send you a prompt as a reminder before 7.

It has various fields where your tasks can be categorized for better navigation. ToDoist is not just a to-do app; it can help you maintain the whole team’s workflow in a smooth stream. You can plan business projects, assign tasks to employees, and monitor their deadlines all through the application.

ToDoist is available in a free version and a premium version. It is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.


Trello is one of the most well-known productivity apps on the globe. It can help you manage a company with employees around the world, all connected on a single platform.

Trello is designed in a way that makes working together as enjoyable as it is in a physical office. The highly visual nature of this app makes it more fun for a team of any size.

Following the Kanban philosophy, Trello helps you organize all work on a board with the help of cards. You can set reminders, assign tasks to team members, and fix deadlines. As a job is completed, it can be dragged or moved to a list where all completed tasks are stacked.

The app is accessible on iOS and Android, and it has both free and premium versions.


You must have heard of Slack, if not from us then from some friend who must have used it. The company is valued at 7 billion dollars and has grown fast over a couple of years. Many big organizations prefer to use Slack to align their teams.

Slack is a communication app for teams of any nature. Email chains have become old and annoying now, and it is challenging to keep track. Slack makes communication look like a breeze, and you can easily keep track of the conversation.

Just like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, Slack provides you and your team a messenger view where selected participants can talk and tag others to whom the conversation is directed. There are notifications and reminders and groups to categorize workflow.

You can share documents, media, and links on Slack as well. There are free plans and paid plans for users and teams of all sizes. Slack is available on desktop, iOS, and Android.


Social media is a part of every business’s marketing strategy now. Companies have easy access to their customers through social media, and it has turned into a customer service portal as well. This led to a need for having a platform which could post on social mediums even when you were out of work or away.

Hootsuite is such an app that takes care of all postings for you. You can sync the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube on Hootsuite. You can even reply to people through the app. Primarily, it manages your social media all under one dashboard.

The best reason for using Hootsuite is its scheduling feature. You can plan posts for the entire month and schedule them on Hootsuite. There is a free trial after which plans range according to the number of social accounts you sync.

Closing thoughts

Mobile apps are necessary for a business owner now, because many companies are operating even without being on the same physical space. Technology helps us coordinate and be more productive by saving any and every minute through efficient apps.

If you want to be more productive, the apps listed above will help you accomplish this task. We urge you to try these tools out and see if they fit the needs of your business. We wish you a productive business journey!

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