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Last year, Telltale Games put itself on the map with The Walking Dead: Season 1, a sort of “choose your own adventure” RPG-slash-adventure game that many believe was game of the year. After releasing the 400 Days add-on back in July, the studio is finally ready to give fans what they’ve been waiting for: Season 2.

The first episode for The Walking Dead: Season 2 arrived yesterday for PCs and Macs as well as for the PlayStation 3 on PSN. The episode hits the Xbox 360 (on XBLA) and iOS today, and will arrive on Sony’s PlayStation Vita and the Ouya soon.

walking-dead-shotThe decision to bring the game to the Ouya is especially interesting, as the console’s sales are suspected to be extremely light and Telltale has made no mention of bringing The Walking Dead to Android, the operating system that powers it. The opportunity is there to not only support smartphones and tablets, but other Android-based devices like the Kindle Fire, as well. We’ll have to see if Telltale adds Android to its list of platforms later on.

I really raved about The Walking Dead last year and so did many other reviewers. If you believe story is an important part — nay, the most important part — of the gaming experience, The Walking Dead is your kind of game. Last year’s Season 1 did a wonderful job pulling players into the game’s universe and making them care about the characters inside it. Hopefully, Season 2 is able to do the same.

You can get The Walking Dead: Season 2 right now on PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS. You’ll pay $4.99 for the game and the first episode, unless you play on the PC or Mac — then you’ll pay for all the episodes up front at $24.99. Each additional episode is $4.99, though on the consoles and on iOS, you can actually save $5 by purchasing the Season Pass, which gets you all of the remaining episodes for $15. Episodes 2 through 5 will be released periodically throughout 2014.

If you download the game and play through the first episode, share your non-spoiler thoughts below.

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