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Last month, it seemed as though Google would start releasing the latest version of Android – build 4.4.3 – into the wild very shortly. A few weeks later, and it finally seems to be happening. That’s the good news. The bad news? There’s almost nothing happening in this update. Meh.

According to a post on Neowin, Nexus 4, 5, and 7 devices connected to T-Mobile’s network will soon be prompted with Android OS updates. Starting June 2, which was yesterday, the network began sending the newest version of Android over the air to those devices. That means you might get the update now or in the next few days. But as exciting as it is to get a shiny new OS update, the changes are minimal.

The only improvements listed by T-Mobile as coming with 4.4.3 are “ecurity enhancements” and “various bug fixes.” Under the New Features tag, a simple and disappointing “NA” is all we get. Alas.

It’s disappointing, especially given that yesterday Apple unveiled the newest version of iOS, which offers lots of fun little tweaks and usability improvements. It’s possible, though, that Google will take to the stage at its I/O conference later this month and lift the curtain on Android 5. That’d be something, huh?

That event is set for June 25 and 26. Last year, Google revealed Google Now, its Siri-like voice-activated search tool that works on mobile devices and desktops. And having used it for the last several months, I absolutely love it. And if you visit the page for the I/O conference, you see something that looks a whole lot like it might be a new kind of Nexus tablet, which you can see reproduced at the top of this post. Wouldn’t it be nice if us Android fans got a whole new device while Apple decided to keep its customers waiting to hear about the iPhone 6?

Hopefully Google will bring us something new and exciting in a few weeks that will erase the sting of seeing how much fun Apple users are having after yesterday’s OS reveals at WWDC.

[Source: Neowin]

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