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7 Reasons I (Finally) Updated to Lion

I didn’t want to do it.  Really, I didn’t.  After having bought my first Mac and fallen in love with the clean and crisp user interface of Mac OS X (10.6, Snow Leopard) I was less than eager to update to the latest version (Lion) when it came out last month.  Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledged that Apple had progressed very far with Lion, but when it came down to it I just didn’t feel it was for me.  At first the iOS-like scrollbars and overall style of the operating system seemed like a step back from where Apple had been before.  But this week, about a month after the release of Lion, I finally took the plunge and updated my MacBook Pro.

Admittedly, my main motivation was simply to stay up to date with software that I realized was focusing development towards Lion-specific features.  But after having been “behind” for an entire month there were several other things that I wanted to try out in Lion for myself, having seen countless screenshots and video tours of the latest release of Apple’s flagship operating system.  In this article I’ll go over seven of my favorite features in Lion; features that, for me at least, were enough to justify an update that I previously tried to avoid.

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How To: Manually Repair or Upgrade WordPress via SSH

Recently I inherited a dated – and severely damaged – installation of the WordPress CMS/blogging platform.  Because of the age of the installation and the fact that the previous owner neglected to maintain it, I came to the conclusion that I would simply be better off to completely reload the WordPress core; the actual “application”, if you will – all whist keeping the data from uploads and addons.

Knowing that the WordPress administration console allowed for this to be done rather easily, I figured that such a task would only take a couple of clicks to be home free.  However, as soon as I navigated to the “/wp-admin” directory from my web browser, I found that that too was damaged.  With this in mind, I initially pondered downloading a copy of the latest WordPress version onto my local computer, manually adding the content to it, and re-uploading.  However, having shell (SSH) access to the server that the site was hosted on, I was able to come up with a much more efficient method of re-loading the WordPress core files.

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