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Last week, my PlayStation 4 updated its operating system to the new 2.0 version – and so far, with maybe one weird instance of choppy gameplay in Shadow of Mordor, my console’s been working pretty well. However, it seems that PS4 owners all over haven’t been so lucky, as there have been reports of major problems.

Kotaku has the scoop, reporting that the new Rest Mode – which replaces Standby Mode – hasn’t been working as it should, preventing the system from turning back on at all. Sony has acknowledged the issue and says that they’re working on a fix:

The Kotaku post offers a simple solution: “don’t use Rest Mode. If you must use Rest Mode, and you run into this problem, don’t unplug your PS4 – just hold down the power button until it turns off.”

That’s the big issue, apparently, while other PS4 users have reported other bugs like problems with sounds, party chat, and messages. While I can only say that I’ve experienced problems with messages, I’m happy to report that Rest Mode hasn’t been a problem for me. Yet.

When I first got my PS4 back in November of last year, of course, I was unfortunate enough to receive a busted console. Problems abounded, and Sony wound up sending me a new one about a week later. My PS4 experience has been relatively solid since then, but now I’m all scared about Rest Mode – I just put my console into Rest Mode literally an hour before sitting down to write this post. Whoops.

Anyone out there experiencing problems with the new PS4 operating system? If so, let us know in the comments – and for god’s sake, don’t use Rest Mode.

[Source: Kotaku]

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