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How to use Teamviewer to connect to remote computers either on your local area network (LAN) or outside your network (WAN). This software is extremely easy to use and requires zero configuration.

Teamviewer is both Mac and PC compatible, just install it, and you are ready to rock.

In order to connect to a remote computer, both machines must have Teamviewer installed and you must provide your ID and password to the person who you want to connect – that’s it!  No need to forward ports or know any IP addresses.

Based on my personal experience using the remote computer is a relatively smooth experience – it doesn’t jerk or hiccup much at all.  Of course, depending on your download speed and the person’s upload speed (of the machine you’re connecting to) it may vary.

Teamviewer has two default presets – Optimize for Speed and Optimize for Quality.  In addition, you an configure your own custom settings if you so wish.  The software also includes several features such as file transfer and a built-in chat client.

The only issue I have noticed is that my mouse does not scroll using the scroll wheel – I need to manually scroll down the page.  This by no means is a deal breaker, however, it is annoying, especially if you are use to using a scroll wheel and who isn’t nowadays.

Have you tried Teamviewer?  Leave a comment!

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