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This graph shows (as of July 2008) Apple App Store’s free vs paid application comparison.  As you can see paid applications are have surpassed the free ones.  I know a lot of people including myself who were expecting to see more free applications (which was the case originally) than paid ones.  So what happened?  Well, people who were selling applications were making money which is always great incentive to charge for something.

In addition, I’m sure if you could make some extra cash on the side in this troubled economy it wouldn’t hurt.  Sure there will always be people and companies who release free applications that work in conjunction with a particular service or simply because they feel it should be free.  However, I believe in regards to the App Store you will continue to see an increase of paid apps.

How expensive will these applications get?  I believe that a majority will sell at .99 and I really doubt most apps will go above $9.99.

What do you think?  Are you willing to pay for iPhone/iPod apps?  Leave a comment!

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