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Mixing Business with Pleasure: Personal Laptops in the Workplace

Notebook computers have the potential to be extremely productive in workplace environments because of their mobility and compact designs. For a traveling business person, there is no tool greater than a laptop, simply because it allows for a personal computing experience regardless of location. However, some workplaces do not opt to provide their employees with laptops. While many employees simply accept this restriction to their productivity, other employees often choose to bring their personal notebook computers to work with them. This raises the question: is this a wise move?

First, any employee who is considering bringing and using a personal computer to work or for work-related duties should consult their employee handbook to see if such practice is allowed. Even the most basic employee handbook should have a section regarding this issue; usually located as a sub-section to the technology or infrastructure policies. However, if you cannot find a definitive answer in your handbook, the best person to ask is usually the person in charge of IT.

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