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3 Companies That Can Afford to Take Gambles in 2011

As we near the end of 2010, we cannot ignore the fact that businesses of all ventures – even those once seen as invincible –  have been struggling to stay alive.  As Jeff wrote the other day, companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL desperately need to step up their game in 2011 in order to have any chance in the future. While these companies simply need to focus on keeping up with current trends and practices, other more successful entities are now in a position to lead the way for future innovations and to set the trends for the years to come.

For these businesses, the current way of doing things is keeping them alive, and their success in the past has put them in positions to be able to take upon new ventures; even if there is risk involved.  More importantly, these businesses probably can’t afford not to expand into new ventures, because if they don’t, someone else will.

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