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Windows Phone Adds 75,000 Apps in 2012, More than Doubles its Library

In a blog post published today, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Windows Phone Apps, Todd Brix, reflected on how 2012 treated Microsoft’s fledgling smartphone platform. Microsoft and third-party developers added over 75,000 apps to the Windows Phone catalog this year, “more than doubling the catalog size,” according to Brix. That 75,000 number may seem like a small one when placed next to Apple’s 1 million and Google’s 700,000, but Windows Phone seems to be making slow but steady progress. I’m a firm believer that what truly matters is that a platform has the apps people are looking for, and, to Windows Phone’s credit, the platform does have many of the must-have apps that are available on other platforms — save for those that are exclusive to either iOS or Android.

Brix also shared another tidbit. On average, each Windows Phone user has around 54 apps on their device. To contrast: earlier this year, market research firm Velositor found that iPhone users had 44 apps on their devices, while Android users had 32 apps.

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Sony PSP Receives Price Cut – May Foreshadow Sony’s Mobile Future

In the world of video games, Sony has done quite a good job in making a name for themselves.  The PlayStation line has been insanely successful, and has earned the reputation for having high-quality and great gameplay.  However, Sony’s involvement in the gaming industry has always been most prominent in the arena of console-based gaming.  About six years ago, however, Sony opted to change this and branched out into a relatively new venture for the company;  building on the success of the PlayStation family with the release of the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

At the time, the PSP was a huge game-changer (no pun intended) in the sense that it truly revolutionized mobile gaming and brought it up to par with the type of technology seen in the console-based systems.  With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the PSP debut was very successful in initial sales.  And this success was anything but short-lived.  Tim Bender, VP of sales at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), has even been quoted as saying that the “demand for the PSP remains strong” six years after the initial release.

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