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Style Jukebox Review

As one becomes used to the software in which they use on a daily basis, it’s a very difficult and often useless task to move away from said software. One great example of this kind of software is media players, which people like myself often run in the background to play music whilst doing other tasks on the computer. Think about it: how often do you use a media player? In recent years, I have been a huge fan of two media players on the Windows platform: foobar2000 and iTunes. Both were relatively simple applications to use, and because of this they were “go-to”. However, BestTechie was recently asked to review Style Jukebox, a promising media management application that I soon found to be one of the best media applications I have used to date.

One of the first things that really stuck me about this application is the three years of dedication that the software developer has put into making the application. This dedication and the fruits of the developer’s labor can be seen in the simple yet powerful user interface that makes managing and enjoy a media library with Style Jukebox super-easy.

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