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Why I’m Avoiding the Move to Lion

I absolutely love my Mac.  With the MacBook Pro, along with products such as the iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro, Apple has seriously raised the bar with the quality and grade of materials and components that go into their computers.  The aluminum body, backlit keyboard, large glass trackpad, and beautiful display on my MacBook Pro easily surpasses the quality of any other notebook that I’ve ever seen.  And the sleek design is really the icing on the cake.  But as much as I love the design and physical aspects of my Mac, the thing that drew me into Apple’s product line and amazed me the most has been the operating system; Mac OS X.  Having had used Linux for a while before buying my Mac, I was honestly a tad concerned about the move to OS X, as many critics are quick attribute the simplicity of the operating system as a flaw.  However I have, in the past few months, developed the opinion that OS X is the most versatile operating system on the market right now, conforming to the needs of novices and power-users alike.

Needless to say, as a new Mac user I was seriously looking forward to the official unveiling of Lion a few weeks back at Apple’s highly covered Worldwide Developers Conference.  I didn’t really know what I was expecting to come out of it, but I naturally figured that the next generation operating system would sport various improvements and perhaps a handful of handy features.  But after everything set in after the event, I must say that I am a bit wary about Lion to the point that I honestly do not want to upgrade right away.

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Macs Aren’t Customizable? TinkerTool Disagrees.

One of the first things that Apple critics told me when I purchased my MacBook Pro in March of this year was that Mac OS X, the flagship operating system that Apple develops and runs on all of their computers, was very limited in terms of customization options. Personally, though, the thought of being locked into a simple user interface didn’t bother me in the least; even if the rumors were true.

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Rumor: Apple Pushing OS X Lion to App Store Servers

If you are here you’ve probably noticed that the iTunes and Mac App Store are both running extremely slow. I myself have attempted to download a few apps for my iPad and my Mac and have been stuck waiting for quite some time. After looking around on the Apple developer forums most of us are convinced this slowness is due to Apple pushing Mac OS X Lion to the App Store servers.

If you were/are wanting to download anything from the App Store we suggest you wait a few hours until things go back to normal. We will keep you posted on any more developing news as we receive it.

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Confessions of an OS X Convert

For nearly a year now I have used Linux as my primary desktop operating system after having used Windows for what seems like forever.  Having been exposed to various versions of Windows and numerous distributions of Linux, I have easily gained quite a bit of experience with different operating systems and have come to appreciate the various ups and downs of all of the operating systems that I have used.  Recently, I decided to purchase my first Apple Macintosh computer; a 15″ MacBook Pro.  After waiting anxiously (read “impatiently”) for it to arrive, I finally got my hands on the device this last Monday (March 7th).

Understandably, Mac OS X – Apple’s flagship operating system – has been an entirely new world for me.  Now, having used the OS for a few days, I have decided to share my initial reactions of the OS as a somewhat experienced Linux and long-time Microsoft Windows user.

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5 Awesome File Sharing Utilities

We’ve all been there.  You’re trying to share a file with a friend or colleague.  That shouldn’t be too hard to do, right?  But traditional methods of sharing files take way too long and require you to go through multiple screens in order to perform what should be a simple task.  Email uploads are a hassle, and you don’t want to put your data on one of those less-than-reputable ad-packed file sharing sites.

So how do you upload and share files?  This article will cover five applications that you can use to share files right from your desktop.  These utilities are extremely helpful because they don’t require you to launch or use a browser window, and in many cases can perform file (and screenshot) uploads with either a drag and drop maneuver or a couple clicks of the mouse.  Best of all, this guide will cover options for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system, meaning there’s no excuse to continue using old and redundant upload systems.

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