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It’s My 21st Birthday

Well, in a couple of hours from now I will be 21 years old.  That’s it.  The big 21.  I will be what they call “fully legal”.  Pretty neat.  Now what?  A very good question, I suppose I will have cake and maybe a drink (or a sip), but aside from that, I don’t think much will be different.  I could sit here and tell you that I plan on getting hammered, but that would most likely be a lie.  The truth is I’ve never really liked to drink.  I mean, I’d have some wine every now and again because my dad is into wine and he collects it.  In fact, he got a bottle of red wine from 1989 which we drank last night.  But overall, I’ve never been much of a drinker.

Any other changes?  Not to BestTechie or anything related that I can think of aside from the fact we just converted the design over to the Thesis Framework [affiliate link].  There are a number of tweaks to the design, but overall, it’s pretty much the same on the frontend.  I’d also like to thank Bill Erickson for his excellent work with BestTechie (he did the redesign, dealt with me, etc).  But  I still plan on doing what I do.  I still love technology.  I guess the only other major change is that my New York State drivers license won’t say UNDER 21 in big bold red letters.  Speaking of, where is my new one?

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We’re Back, Just Like We Said We’d Be Back.

Well, we’re back. It has been over two weeks, but I think the downtime will be beneficial in the end. While that may seem like an odd thing to say, it has allowed me to have a lot of much needed time off from the site. In the past few weeks, I have been able to relax and just enjoy time spent doing nothing. Something I previously, never could get myself to do. Before this entire fiasco, I was working on some market research (which I will continue to do now that everything is back online) to help improve BestTechie.  I have already received a number of responses which I’m currently analyzing and this input will help determine the future direction of BestTechie.

The downtime also allowed me to make changes to the sites design.  While I like the layout of the design, I felt we could do better.  Webair, the company who provides web hosting services to BestTechie was kind enough to offer their design services to assist with the changes.  Many of the changes are subtle, but we hope they will provide a better overall user experience.  We have redesigned the logo, the navigation bar, the footer, made changes to the headline and featured articles section, increased the image sizes for post thumbnails, and added sharing buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Buzz) on individual post pages.

However, there is some bad news to report as well. Unfortunately, we had to revert to an older database for the forums. The database is from mid-January, so there is a lot of content missing from the forums. While 5 months may seem like a lot of lost data (and it is), it could have been much worse. I’m asking for your help to rebuild what we lost. How can you help? The best way is to participate in the forums, ask/answer questions and join in on discussions. Thank you to everyone who offered their help and/or reached out to myself and the BestTechie community. I say it all the time, but we have the best web community out there.

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