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Cisco VPN for Android Preview Needs a New Recipe Before Release

The ability for enterprises to have employees get behind company firewalls through their Android devices has been a desire for businesses for some time now. With the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the Google-made smartphone operating system, that’s now looking possible. Cisco recently released a preview version of its Anyconnect Android app back in late February, which is currently available on the Android Marketplace. While the app may not be as advanced as a virtual private network, it is still pretty advanced.

But while every smartphone app “preview” is sure to be a little buggy, it’s safe to say that as far as telecommunications related releases in recent memory are concerned, the Anyconnect app for Android Ice Cream Sandwich takes the cake. While it shows promise for usability at some point, it doesn’t appear to be in the new future, and especially not in time for when they surely plan on releasing the final version.

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An Introduction to Home Servers

It is safe to say that we have all heard of servers. Some people imagine them as giant computers capable of calculating and quantifying massive amounts of data 24/7 to help protect the world from global catastrophe.  Now, while this all might have been true back in the 70’s, the servers of today come in many shapes and sizes.

When you ask a geek what a server is he might respond my explaining that servers are used to host the websites that you might visit. He might describe that when you go to work and log into your computer it is likely that somewhere in the background a server is checking your login information and verifying that they are correct. He might even say that a server can be used to store backups of your pictures, emails, documents, etc.

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Google Launches Google Apps Version Tailored for Government

I love Google Apps. All of my personal domains use Google Apps for email, calendar, and documents, and I highly recommend the product to anyone setting up email and collaboration services for a domain.

I know I’m not alone in my love for Google Apps; thousands of businesses, organizations, and individuals use Google Apps for their domains. And today, after receiving government certification to ensure that their infrastructure was secure enough to handle sensitive information, Google may have another client: the United States government. You see, the Google Apps system that I and many other users enjoy, may soon be the collaboration system that some government agencies choose to use as apposed to hosting, managing, and deploying their own in-house collaboration and email services.

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