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Google Answers the Age-old Question: What Is My IP?

It appears now that Google will now inform you of your current IP (Internet Protocol) Address if you query the search engine with “what is my ip.”  For years, sites like WhatIsMyIP.com and IPChicken would help Internet users learn their IP address — well, now they are really no longer necessary as Google looks to help inform users looking for an answer to that age-old question.

When you type the query into the search box, it will return your IP on top of the results and also provide a “Learn More” link that further explains what an IP Address is and what it is used for on the Internet.  Simple, yes, but very useful.  Little things like this are why I love Google.  I’ve included a screenshot below of the feature in action.

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Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware IP Blocking Protection

Malwarebytes, the company, behind the popular Anti-Malware program has recently released version 1.40 which includes some additional protection for paying customers.  The new IP blocking protection module integrates with the already existing real-time protection module to keep you even safer online.

How does the new IP blocking protection work?  According to Malwarebytes, “The IP blocking module enhances the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware protection module by tremendously improving protection. When a user attempts to visit a website that is infected, the IP blocking module quickly kicks in to block the connection and alert the user. This IP blocking module is updated every time the database is updated to include the latest IP ranges that should be blocked. It also provides us with an advantage as it blocks malicious software that has not yet been released, which allows us to be proactive and not reactive.”

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