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Google to Launch Late-Stage Venture Investment Group Led by David Lawee

Reuters is now reporting that David Lawee, the Google veteran and head of its mergers and acquisitions division, is being replaced by Don Harrison, a high ranking Google attorney. The news comes along side another interesting tidbit that Google will be potentially launching a late-stage investment group headed by Lawee.

It’s also worth noting that Harrison has been with Google for more than five years now and has been involved with over 70 different deals. He’s also an advisor at Google Ventures. And as for the late-stage investment group, it hasn’t been finalized, and it’s still unclear whether it will operate within Google Ventures or independently.

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This Is America, Dammit! Winklevoss Twins Become Venture Capitalists.

Like many people I couldn’t help but watch the CNBC interview with the Winklevoss twins where I was surprised to learn that they were becoming venture capitalists. I always figured they would simply take the Facebook settlement money and run — probably to never be seen or heard from again. But no, that is not going to be the case at all. In fact, they are looking to use that settlement money to invest in early stage technology companies.

By now I have read (and I’m sure you have too) quite a few articles poking fun at this reality. While I was surprised by the twins VC plans, I was even more surprised that so many tech-focused blogs are being so quick to dismiss the Winklevii.

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